31 December 2014

     First, a little about myself. I'm a 37 year old man-child residing in Hell aka Arizona. I paint minis and play Warhammer 40K, drink good beers and listen to metal (I also dabble in playing guitar and bass, just for fun).
     I decided to start this blog mainly to help motivate me to finish my massive backlog of minis and share my thoughts/opinions on some badass metal albums and some damn good beer. You know, what's best in life; next to crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women.
     So, New Year's Eve 2014, currently listening to Be'lakor from Australia. Pretty damn decent melo-death. A friend from work turned me on to them. Also, their name is from Warhammer40K. Be'lakor is a Demon Prince. I'm sure he would approve.
     I guess we should highlight the other part of this blog; the beer. Currently drinking Left Coast Brewing Co. Asylum. It's a Belgian Style Trippel and damn is it tasty. Slight sweetness, maybe a hint of malt. Not super hoppy and it's 11.8% ABV!!! Unlike most high alcohol beers, it doesn't have that "alcohol bite". Be careful of this one folks. It'll sneak up on ya'.
     Now back to 40K. I currently "play" Tyranids. Play is in quotes since I haven't finished enough of my army to actually play a decent game. That's where this whole thing might help. Hopefully someone out there in the interwebs takes an interest and can offer some encouragement. Anyway, I'll leave you with some photos of what I have finished.
Hive Guard Brood
Malanthrope, Warrior Prime, Spawn of Cryptus/Broodlord

Finecast Zoanthropes
I'm currently finishing up a ForgeWorld Trygon (OOP so it's a Chinese ForgeryWorld) and a "Smilovore" with a new venomthrope head. Long way to go. So, back to painting. Leave some constructive or destructive comments as you see fit. Until next time...drink, paint, metal.